What is it?

Giving Africa’s Barefoot Challenge is not only a way for our supporters to challenge themselves and try something new but also a way to raise much needed funds for the students at Bethel School in Burkina Faso. ¬†Giving Africa are empowering students by educating them and teaching them vocational skills to help raise themselves and their families out of poverty.

Since it’s launch on 1 July 2016, the Barefoot Challenge has seen Barefooters walk the dog, feed the cows, run marathons (half and full), go hiking, take the London Underground, go for a week and even a whole year – while forgetting to put their shoes on.

The money raised by Barefoot Challenge participants who will be rebelling against their shoes and socks will go towards giving children an environment where it is possible to learn. This includes easing overcrowding and temperatures that can hit over 40 degrees centigrade, rectifying a total lack of basic resources and improving the quality and relevance of education.

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